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Our ‘Partner Training Massage for Labour’ online course offers you the opportunity to delve deeper into the benefits of massage during and after labour.

Massage can be used during birth to make it easier for the mother. A well-prepared partner offering support through massage can be of great benefit and comfort to the labouring mother. In this workshop we will demonstrate how to equip your clients to utilise massage for labour. Learn how to demonstrate massage techniques for labour.

We will focus on:

  • How and when to recommend massage for labour
  • How to prepare a partner massage session
  • Specific massage techniques for labour
  • Focus on the latent first stage of labour and points to support the labouring woman

Online course


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Online Course Information

  • On enrolment you receive a welcome email and an extensive training manual to support your remote learning
  • You can start whenever you like, and study is self-paced
  • You will have access to the course for 6 months while you refine and build perfect your skills
  • Each module has multiple lessons to help you gain a greater understanding of each subject
  • The theory component is broken up into individual 15-30 minute lessons which you can complete at your own pace
  • In the practical component you are supported with videos to guide you through creating a Massage for Labour Partner Training Sessions
  • We will invite you to a Zoom Classroom to gain greater knowledge and understanding, and to connect with likeminded therapists
  • You will be invited into the Pregnancy Massage Australia® Therapists Q&A Facebook Group, which is a supportive forum to ask questions and share your experiences

To successfully complete the course, you will have to pass the simple assessments by:

  • Answering the questions in each section of the online training
  • Designing a ‘Pregnancy Client Health Assessment Form’ (how to do this is covered in the training, along with an example form)
  • Completing a Partner Training Session including providing a photo of your Partner Training Session set-up.

On successful completion of this workshop, therapists will receive a ‘Certificate of Attendance’.

Course Content Outline

Module 1: How Massage in Labour Supports the Labouring Woman

  • Massage in labour
  • Definition of labour induction
  • Research supports the benefits of receiving massage in labour

Module 2: Physiology of Labour

  • Physiology of labour
  • Hormones of labour
  • Pelvic stations
  • Foetal presentations and positions

Module 3: Massage Techniques for Each Stage of Labour

  • Review the physiological changes occurring in labour
  • Changes to mother through each stage of labour
  • Early first stage – First stage – Second Stage – Third stage
    • What the support person can do to stay actively connected and offer continued support through each stage of labour

Module 4: How to Prepare a Partner Training Session

  • Create a ‘Massage for Labour – Health Assessment Form’ for both mother and birth partner
  • What you need to prepare for a session and questions to ask
  • Create a mapping of the labour process
  • Develop a ‘birth kit’

Module 5: Specialised Massage Techniques for First Stage of Labour

  • Comprehensive massage strokes to apply during the first stage of labour
    • Sequence of application of massage strokes for specific areas of the body
    • Focus points for relaxation
    • Labour positions

Module 6: Specialised Massage Techniques for Active Stage of Labour

  • Comprehensive massage strokes to apply during the active stage of labour
    • Sequence of application of massage strokes for specific areas of the body
    • Focus points to ease pain during contractions
    • Labour positions

Module 7: Contraindications for Massage During Labour

  • Signs and symptoms of a red flag in labour


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