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Pregnancy Massage Australia (PMA) is the culmination of years of study into massage during the childbearing years with a focus on health, wellbeing and relaxation for the mother-to-be; creating a connection between the mother, baby and the partner. The origins of pregnancy massage show pregnant women receiving massage during their pregnancy labour and beyond. Pregnancy Massage Australia aims to educate massage therapists to create a supportive environment of touch through massage to connect both the mother and the baby, supporting them through the many physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy.

Supporting Women Nurturing New Life

Pregnancy Massage Australia training aims to assist the massage therapist to enhance their skills and knowledge to better support and nurture pregnant clients. The training helps therapists grow an awareness of the developing life and how to support the mother through her own body changes which may present as muscular aches and pains. Specialised massage techniques alleviate pain and discomfort, whilst highlighting a sense of relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage Australia trains in partner support for the labouring mother, to offer a greater sense of connection between mother baby and partner.

We explore specialised massage techniques to be adapted during the pregnancy to prepare for the birth. The aim is to teach the partner gentle massage and relaxation techniques to support each other through the pregnancy and labour. Offering hands-on support through each stage of labour.

Pregnancy Massage Australia provides massage training for postnatal. Massage in this time has shown to improve health and wellbeing of the new mother. Massage will alleviate the postpartum aches and pains, particularly when we consider the affects of the body adjusting from the pregnancy to the demands of a new mother. The demands on the mother particularly with breastfeeding can cause strain on the upper back neck and shoulders. We will also explore the affects to the body whether it was a natural birth, assisted birth or caesarean section and how massage can assist in recovery.

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