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We offer you professional development courses online, to specialise in a very special time in a woman’s life – at a time and pace to suit you.

  • maintain your professional development requirements
  • enhance your skills and knowledge
  • build your practitioner value and worth
  • minimise contact and Coronavirus risks

Our training is provided by highly experienced tutors, and the hands-on learning is directly applicable within your practice

Choose from the following courses;

Certificate of Pregnancy Massage

(Online Course)

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Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life that creates significant physiological, structural, and psychological changes. Understanding these changes will help you, the massage therapist, to determine the outcome
of your treatment. It will give you the confidence and guidance to apply appropriate therapeutic massage to your pregnant client.

During the online ‘Certificate of Pregnancy Massage’ course you will study the gentle application of massage for pregnant women, and the appropriate techniques and style of application suitable for each trimester. You will discover how beneficial massage is during pregnancy and beyond.

We also offer a Certificate Refresher course – click here for details if you’ve previously completed the Certificate

Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage

(Online Course)

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This course offers in-depth insight into how to support women through pregnancy and beyond. The course reviews in great detail specific conditions, including high-risk pregnancies and the implication of massage. Our focus is to support women and reduce the more complex discomforts experienced in pregnancy. We will develop your awareness of the benefits of massage through the perinatal journey from preconception to pregnancy, labour, birth and onto postnatal support.

During the course you gain a greater insight into the complex body and system changes happening through pregnancy, labour and postnatally. We will explore your emotive feelings towards pregnancy, labour and beyond so you can apply practical tools to support all clients with empathy and understanding. You will explore self-development as a pregnancy massage specialist.

By the end of the course you will have deeper understanding about how to treat pregnant women throughout their journey into motherhood and beyond. You will also have the opportunity to become part of the NurtureLife® network, including the support of our mentoring program (learn more here) and a team of practitioners around you for support.

Postnatal Massage

(Online Course)

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How do we support and nurture a new mum using post natal massage? The excitement of a new baby to welcome into the world can fill a mother and partner with a roller coaster of emotions. Taking the time to adjust to this
great responsibility can seem overwhelming, but can also be filled with excitement. Post natal massage promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety having a positive effect to ease post natal blues. The mother’s body will be adjusting and undergoing many changes. There are many considerations in supporting and nurturing a new mum and baby.

In the ‘Postnatal Massage’ course, we focus on:

  • Massage in the fourth trimester
  • Massage after caesarean
  • Massage to rebalance the body
  • Massage to relieve tension from breast feeding
  • Simple post natal exercises

Partner Training & Massage for Labour
(Online Course)

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Our ‘Partner Training Massage for Labour’ online course offers you the opportunity to delve deeper into the benefits of massage during and after labour.

Massage can be used during birth to make it easier for the mother. A well-prepared partner offering support through massage can be of great benefit and comfort to the labouring mother. In this workshop we will demonstrate
how to equip your clients to utilise massage for labour. Learn how to demonstrate massage techniques for labour.

We will focus on:

  • How and when to recommend massage for labour
  • How to prepare a partner massage session
  • Specific massage techniques for labour
  • Focus on the latent first stage of labour and points to support the labouring woman.

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