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Catherine McInerney is the founder of Pregnancy Massage Australia (PMA), offering specialised training in pregnancy massage.

Catherine was the Director of the Copeland College which was a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering nationally recognised training for over 14 years. Catherine is a Remedial Massage Therapist and an experienced lecturer in Pregnancy Massage with a focus on women’s health during the childbearing years.

Catherine is a recognised expert in this field offering Australia’s leading Prenatal Massage education. Catherine is an experienced lecurer in a broad range of modalities including Relaxation, Advanced Sports and Remedial Massage.

The pregnancy massage training takes you on a journey through the pregnancy, discovering the changes which occur through the three trimesters, with a focus on both the mother and the baby, creating a nurturing connection between mother-baby and therapist. Training reviews the pregnancy and the postnatal period, and highlights the benefits of massage training for partners, enabling them to play an active, positive role in the birth.

Catherine also runs a Pregnancy Health Clinic with a team of pregnancy massage specialists at the Copeland Massage Therapy Clinic.


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Pregnancy and Massage

There are many myths and fears associated with pregnancy, and as a massage therapist she can offer positive and nurturing support for the mother-to-be during this very exciting time. Catherine has completed studies in Europe in Pregnancy Massage to bring to this course the most current and relevant massage treatments.

This has given her validation of her treatments, further broadening her massage skills in the area of pregnancy and post partum.

Specialising in Pregnancy Massage, Catherine has researched the many and varied techniques of massage which can be applied to relieve musculoskeletal discomforts experienced during pregnancy.

Catherine has a focus on networking with other health professionals to educate them on the benefits of massage during pregnancy.

Partner training is also part of the pregnancy Journey that Catherine explores; a well trained birth partner will assist in a positive way during the labour.

Pregnancy massage is a journey which has given Catherine the opportunity to broaden her knowledge and skills in a positive way. She is passionate about the importance of assisting a healthy pregnant client through the many changes occurring during each trimester.

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