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How do we support and nurture a new mum using post natal massage? The excitement of a new baby to welcome into the world can fill a mother and partner with a roller coaster of emotions. Taking the time to adjust to this great responsibility can seem overwhelming, but can also be filled with excitement. Post natal massage promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety having a positive effect to ease post natal blues.

The mother’s body will be adjusting and undergoing many changes. There are many considerations in supporting and nurturing a new mum and baby.

In the ‘Postnatal Massage’ course, we focus on:

  • Massage in the fourth trimester
  • Massage after caesarean
  • Massage to rebalance the body
  • Massage to relieve tension from breast feeding
  • Simple post natal exercises

Online course


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Online Course Information

  • On enrolment you receive a welcome email and an extensive training manual to support your remote learning
  • You can start whenever you like, and study is self-paced
  • You will have access to the course for 6 months while you refine and build perfect your skills
  • Each module has multiple lessons to help you gain a greater understanding of each subject
  • The theory component is broken up into individual 15-30 minute lessons which you can complete at your own pace
  • In the practical component you are supported with videos to guide you through creating a post natal massage
  • We will invite you to a Zoom Classroom to gain greater knowledge and understanding, and to connect with likeminded therapists
  • You will be invited into the Pregnancy Massage Australia® Therapists Q&A Facebook Group, which is a supportive forum to ask questions and share your experiences.

To successfully complete the course, you will have to pass the simple assessments by:

  • Answering the questions in each section of the online training
  • Designing a ‘Postnatal Client Health Assessment Form’ (how to do this is covered in the training, along with an example form)
  • Completing a post natal massage by treating a client twice, including providing a photo of your postnatal massage table set-up.

Course Content Outline

Module 1: Early Postnatal Recovery – Adjustment and Healing

  • Massage Goals for early Postnatal Massage: Fourth Trimester
  • Benefits of postnatal massage
  • Precautions and guidelines for postnatal massage

Module 2: Planning Your Postnatal Massage

  • Design a postnatal health assessment form
  • How to create a comfortable position for a breast feeding mother

Module 3: Specialised Massage Techniques for Abdominal Healing

  • Benefits of abdominal massage in early postpartum
  • Postnatal abdominal healing massage
  • Caesarean healing with massage

Module 4: Specialised Massage for Postpartum Pelvic Pain Syndrome (PPPS) and Lower Back Pain

  • Client assessment for PPPS
  • Rebalance the pelvis – sacrum
  • Release of the Iliopsoas and Piriformis
  • Specialised techniques to ease lower back pain

Module 5: Specialised Massage for Thoracic and Neck Discomfort

  • Assessment of movement for the neck and shoulder region
  • Applications to ease tension from breast feeding and change in posture
  • Mobilisation for the shoulder and neck

Module 6: Specialised Massage to Ease Carpal Tunnel

  • Assessment for carpal tunnel in the postnatal period
  • Treatment for carpal tunnel
  • Self-care applications for carpal tunnel
  • Breast feeding positions for women with carpal tunnel syndrome

Module 7: Introducing Safe Exercise in the Postnatal Period

  • Preparing the body for exercise
  • Simple tasks to help regain pre-pregnancy posture
  • Gentle postnatal exercises.

On successful completion of this workshop, therapists will receive a ‘Certificate of Attendance’.


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