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Please note – a prerequisite for this course to extend your knowledge is to complete the Certificate of Pregnancy Massage prior to the Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage.

This course offers in-depth insight into how to support women through pregnancy and beyond. The course reviews in great detail specific conditions, including high-risk pregnancies and the implication of massage. Our focus is to support women and reduce the more complex discomforts experienced in pregnancy. We will develop your awareness of the benefits of massage through the perinatal journey from preconception to pregnancy, labour, birth and onto postnatal support.

During the course you gain a greater insight into the complex body and system changes happening through pregnancy, labour and postnatally. We will explore your emotive feelings towards pregnancy, labour and beyond so you can apply practical tools to support all clients with empathy and understanding. You will explore self-development as a pregnancy massage specialist.

By the end of the course you will have deeper understanding about how to treat pregnant women throughout their journey into motherhood and beyond. You will also have the opportunity to become part of the NurtureLife® network, including the support of our mentoring program (learn more here) and a team of practitioners around you for support.

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Course Accreditation

MidPlus 14 points
AAMT 20 points
AMT 70 points
ATMS 16 Points
MAA 20 points
Massage Australia 16 pooints
ANTA 16 points
IICT 16 points 

Course Details

The Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage course will advance your massage knowledge and skills, including developing your understanding of the many complex presentations of pregnancy. We will review in detail high-risk conditions unique to pregnancy and how to treat each of these conditions through each trimester.

We will consolidate your understanding of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, particularly in relation to complex musculoskeletal changes unique to pregnancy. You will learn how to apply orthopaedic assessment and the adaption of these skills through each trimester to determine an appropriate treatment plan.

You will learn how to adapt your treatment plans to suit the individual needs of your clients through massage, gentle breath, stretching and visualisations unique to pregnancy.

You will explore massage techniques that are the foundation to pregnancy massage so you can create a unique NurtureLife® experience for your clients.

Online Course Information

  • On enrolment, you receive a welcome email and an extensive training manual to support your remote learning
  • You can start whenever you like, and study is self-paced
  • You will have access to the course for 6 months while you refine and perfect your skills
  • Each module has multiple lessons to help you gain a greater understanding of each subject
  • The theory component is broken up into individual 15-30 minute lessons which you can complete at your own pace
  • In the practical component you are supported with videos to guide you through each technique, with a revision of the anatomy of the region and purpose of treatment, signs and symptoms including specialised massage and mobilisation techniques
  • We will invite you to a Zoom Classroom to gain greater knowledge and understanding, and to connect with likeminded therapists There will be two 3 hour Zoom Classrooms to cover techniques in detail and give students the opportunity to ask questions
  • You will be invited into the closed Pregnancy Massage Australia® Therapists Q&A Facebook Group, which is a supportive forum to ask questions and share your experiences
  • To successfully complete the course, you will have to pass the simple assessments by:
    • Answering the questions in each section of the online training
    • Completing a review of six (6) High Risk Pregnancy Conditions
    • Revising your ‘Pregnancy Client Health Assessment Form’ (how to do this is covered in the training, along with an example form)
    • Completing two (2) case studies of ‘Treat a Pregnant Client’ twice and outline your massage treatment with a focus on the new techniques
    • Providing a photo of your pregnancy massage table set-up

Course Content Outline

We will explore complex pregnancy conditions and understand the complexities of high risk clients, including what is contraindicated for massage. We will also be learning how we can offer emotional support and reduce the many stresses of pregnancy.

Module 1: Complex Conditions Unique to Pregnancy

  • Explore the more complex conditions unique to pregnancy
  • How to identify signs and symptoms
  • Implications of condition to mother and baby including self care
  • How to support a mother and family unit after a loss

Module 2: Orthopaedic Assessments Unique for Pregnancy

  • Special testing for pregnancy
  • Assessment of hip and pelvis
  • Passive range of motion in the hip
  • Assessment of thoracic spine
  • Assessment of neck range of motion
  • Assessment for Carpal tunnel syndrome

Module 3: Treatment of PGP – Hip and Lower Back Pain 

  • How to treat and reduce the pain patterns associated with:
  • Pelvic Girdle Pain PGP, a complex and debilitating condition in pregnancy
  • Pubic Symphysis Pubis pain /diastasis (PSP or PSD)
  • How to support changes through the spine and imbalances associated with lower back pain including treatment of:
    • Sacroiliac joint pain (SIJ disfunction)
    • Treatment of the medial rotators – gluteal muscle releases
    • Treatment of deep hip rotator including piriformis releases and the “magic 4”
    • Iliopsoas release unique for pregnancy and lumbar lordosis release
  • Balancing the pelvis in preparation for birth – Sacrotuberous and Sacrospinous ligaments
  • Pregnancy ligamentous pain, how to recognise the ligament pain patterns and massage treatment

Module 4: Treatment of Thoracic and Cervical Spine

  • Changes to the thoracic spine, shoulder and ribs
  • Complex shoulder treatment including:
    • Thoracic spine
    • Pectoral and subscapularis releases
    • Shoulder mobilisations to improve posture, function and movement
  • Gentle application of rib release and respiratory releases to ease shortness of breathe common in pregnancy
    • Treatment and implication of scoliosis in pregnancy
  • Massage applications to improve posture for mums still working and/or breast feeding. You will learn techniques to reduce client pain and discomfort.
  • Assessment of neck movement and gentle application of massage techniques to reduce pain and improve movement patterns:
    • MET releases for the neck
    • Gentle unwinding techniques

Module 5: Treatment of Carpal Tunnel and Oedema in the Arms

  • How to assess for carpel tunnel and oedema of the arms.
  • Treatment protocols for assessment and management of carpel tunnel and oedema of the arms

Module 6: Treatment of Leg Discomforts in Pregnancy

  •  How to ease the symptoms of:
    • Restless leg syndrome
    • Leg and calf cramping
    • Reduction of oedema in the legs

Module 7: Abdominal Massage

  • How to apply abdominal massage to support diastasis recti and digestive system changes
  • How to create a unique mother-baby connection

Module 8: How to develop a referral network – pregnancy resources

  • How to develop a referral network of specialists in perinatal care and women’s health
  • Pregnancy resources to “create women-centred care”

You will have the opportunity to combine all you have learnt and apply to a pregnant client – you will experience first hand the benefits of the many new techniques you have learnt.


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