Refresher: Certificate of Pregnancy Massage



Certificate of Pregnancy Massage® Refresher outline:

This course is only open to students who have completed the Certificate of Pregnancy Massage and are wanting to refresh techniques they have learnt. Head to online training to start your immersion into pregnancy massage!

We are delighted to reconnect with you!  This is a wonderful opportunity to refresh your knowledge and skills enabling you to deliver a “woman centered treatment” to your pregnant clients.  During this course we will review the many benefits of massage during pregnancy!

You will refresh:

  • Develop a greater awareness of the physiological changes during pregnancy
  • We will review the trimester changes and reflect on self care during pregnancy
  • Be introduced to some of the conditions unique to pregnancy and contra indications for massage during pregnancy
  • Review of the three trimesters, including lying positions appropriate for pregnancy through each trimester
  • Draping – client comfort and privacy
  • Learn how to prepare a pregnancy massage treatment and assess the client for massage treatment
  • Review pregnancy massage techniques and gain the confidence to massage and treat pregnant clients

Develop massage skills to treat some specific musculoskeletal conditions that pregnant clients may present with. Including:

  • Easing stress & anxiety
  • Application of gentle release techniques for hip pain with a focus on gluteal muscles
  • Application of gentle myofascial hip mobilisation
  • Introduction to neck & shoulder stretch and release to reduce pregnancy posture changes
  • Introduction to abdominal massage unique to pregnancy, which helps create a supportive mother-baby connection.
  • Enjoy your experience of deepening your understanding and expanding your knowledge to support your pregnant clients!


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