Professional Development

Pregnancy Massage

We offer you a professional development pathway to specialise in a very special time in a woman’s life

  • maintain your professional development requirements
  • enhance your skills and knowledge
  • build your practitioner value and worth.

Our training is provided by highly experienced tutors, and the hands-on learning is directly applicable within your practice

Choose from the following courses;

Certificate of Pregnancy Massage

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Our most popular course will introduce you to the many benefits of pregnancy massage during pregnancy and beyond. During the course you will study the therapeutic application of massage for pregnant women, and the appropriate techniques and style of application suitable for trimester one, two and three.

You will learn the language of pregnancy and how to understand the significant physiological, structural, and psychological changes that occur during pregnancy, and how to determine the outcome of your treatment. This course will give you the confidence and guidance to apply appropriate therapeutic massage to your pregnant clients.

Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage

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Following on from the Certificate course, the Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage offers in-depth insights into how to support women through pregnancy and beyond. We take a detailed look at complex body changes and specific conditions, including high-risk pregnancies, and the implication of massage. You will have prescriptive treatment protocols with a focus on client outcome for the more complex presentations in pregnancy to further support your client experiencing pain and discomfort and how massage is a remedy for pregnancy.

We will develop your awareness of the benefits of massage through the perinatal journey from pre-conception right through to postnatal support.

By the end of the course you will have deeper understanding about how to treat pregnant women throughout their journey into motherhood and beyond. You will also have the opportunity to become part of the NurtureLife® network, including the support of our mentoring program (learn more here) and a team of practitioners around you for support.

NurtureLife® Registered Practitioner

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NurtureLife® is a holistic perinatal massage therapy method developed by Pregnancy Massage Australia® that supports women who are nurturing new life. NurtureLife® was born from a desire to share our specialist knowledge and natural support techniques with women on their journey through pregnancy and beyond.

During this advanced in-depth course, you will learn what it takes to become a Certified NurtureLife® practitioner who delivers specialised massage treatment that focuses on nurturing both mother and baby. You will be shown how to deliver the full NurtureLife® massage experience; a natural, comprehensive approach to perinatal care with a unique focus on massage.

Once you have successfully completed the NurtureLife® Pregnancy Massage Practitioner Course you are eligible to join the NurtureLife® family of practitioners. By registering as a NurtureLife® individual practitioner or clinic, you will reap the many rewards that are available to you under the supportive umbrella of the NurtureLife® brand. We strongly encourage you do this, as we believe it is a natural progression for our newly trained practitioners. Individual massage practitioners, multi-staff clinics or spas can all become registered members.

Partner Training & Massage for Labour

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Massage can be used during birth to make it easier for the mother. A well-prepared partner offering support through massage can be of great benefit and comfort to the labouring mother.

In this 1-day workshop we will demonstrate how to equip your clients to utilise massage for labour.

Postnatal Massage

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Post natal massage is treatment for the Fourth Trimester. It promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety, having a positive effect to ease postpartum blues. This workshop will show you how to support and nurture a new mother using supportive post natal massage. We will focus on post birth recovery, easing postural discomfort from breastfeeding, abdominal healing (including caesarean scar tissue treatment), and address continuing pelvic and lower back pain.

Certificate of Pregnancy Massage for Spa/Beauty Therapists

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This course will give you the skills to confidently massage your pregnant clients. Many physiological changes occur during pregnancy and understanding these changes will help you to determine the outcome of your treatment. This course is tailored to spa and beauty therapists and can be delivered to spa staff to assist them with pregnancy massage treatments.
A signature-style massage can be designed for your spa to meet the growing demands of the blooming pregnancy massage market.

We will train you to deliver specialist pregnancy massage so you will be able to confidently support busy mothers-to-be. With our training, you can expand your services to cater to the varying needs of your pregnant clients.

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